Divoom Times Gate

$179.90 $209.90

Elevate your home desktop decor with the Divoom Times Gate Pixel Art Gaming Setup Clock with Smart App Control. This clock is the true embodiment of style and sophistication. Its 128x128 IPS screen display does more than just tell time; it adds an aura of elegance to your gaming setup, infusing a nostalgic and retro vibe into your space. Let's explore the features and benefits of this exceptional clock.

Smart App Control: The Divoom Times Gate seamlessly syncs with a dedicated smartphone app, giving you complete control over its settings. Customize the clock's display, select pixel art designs, and even craft pixel art animations. This user-friendly app puts personalization at your fingertips.

128x128 IPS Screen Display: With a high-resolution IPS screen display, this clock guarantees crystal-clear and vibrant visuals. Its wide viewing angles ensure that time and pixel art remain sharp and vivid. This is whether you're directly in front or viewing from various positions in the room.

Pixel Art Gaming Setup: Tailored for gamers, the Times Gate Divoom adds a distinctive touch to your gaming environment. It boasts an array of pixel art designs inspired by classic video games, featuring characters, icons, and animations. Choose from diverse themes and styles to harmonize with your gaming aesthetic, fostering a personalized atmosphere in your gaming oasis.

Decorative Home Desktop Addition: This clock excels not only as a functional timepiece but also as a captivating decoration for your home desktop. Its pixel art designs and retro-inspired visuals infuse your space with playfulness and nostalgia, sparking conversations and admiration among friends and family.

Customizable Display: Take charge of your clock's display through the intuitive smart app control. Showcase your preferred pixel art designs or fashion dynamic animations, expressing your creativity and crafting an unparalleled visual experience.

Enhances Gaming Atmosphere: The Divoom Times Gate pixel art designs conjure a gaming-inspired ambiance in your gaming setup. Whether you're a casual or hardcore gamer, this clock resurrects memories of classic video games. It immerses you in a world of pixelated charm that elevates your gaming experience.

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