Divoom Pixoo 16

$129.90 $169.90

Divoom Pixoo-16: Inspire creativity with WiFi pixel art.

Revolutionize your home decor with the Divoom Pixoo-16, a WiFi-enabled Pixel Art Digital Frame that seamlessly combines functionality and aesthetic appeal. This LED display clock serves not only as a timekeeping device but also as a versatile home lighting decoration, allowing you to curate a personalized and visually stunning atmosphere.

1. Pixel Art Magic at Your Fingertips: The Divoom Pixoo-16 brings pixel art to life, allowing you to showcase your creativity or choose from a plethora of pre-designed pixel art creations. Personalize your space with dynamic and vibrant visuals, transforming your environment into a canvas for self-expression.

2. Smart Connectivity with WiFi Capabilities

Connectivity is key, and the Pixoo-16 excels in this aspect. With built-in WiFi capabilities, you can effortlessly control and customize the pixel art display using the Divoom app. Change designs, set schedules, and infuse your space with fresh and captivating visuals—all from the convenience of your smartphone.

3. Functional LED Display Clock: Beyond its artistic capabilities, the Divoom Pixoo-16x16 functions as a practical LED display clock. Stay punctual while adding a modern and stylish timekeeping element to your home. The clock seamlessly integrates into the pixel art display, offering both form and function.

4. Home Lighting Decoration for Every Mood

Enhance the ambiance of any room with the Pixoo-16's versatile lighting capabilities. Adjust the brightness, choose from a spectrum of colors, and set the mood for any occasion. Whether you're hosting a gathering or winding down for the evening, this digital frame doubles as a dynamic home lighting decoration.

Incorporate a touch of modern art and technology into your living space with the Divoom Pixoo-16 WiFi Pixel Art Digital Frame. Elevate your home decor, infuse your surroundings with personalized pixel art, and experience the perfect blend of form and function. Welcome a new era of home lighting decoration with this innovative and captivating digital frame.

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