Divoom Ditoo-Pro (White)

$116.00 $159.90

Exploring the Elegance and Functionality of the Divoom Ditoo-Pro (White)

The Divoom Ditoo-Pro (White) is a compact and stylish smart speaker that combines functionality with aesthetics. With its sleek white design, it effortlessly blends into any modern home or office environment. This versatile device offers a range of features that enhance your audio experience and bring a touch of creativity to your space.


1. Interactive Pixel Display: The Divoom Ditoo-Pro boasts a vibrant 16x16 pixel display that allows you to customize and personalize the visuals. Whether you want to display the time, weather, or even create your own pixel art, the possibilities are endless. The interactive nature of the display brings a fun and engaging element to your daily routine.

2. Powerful Sound Quality: Despite its compact size, the Ditoo-Pro delivers impressive sound quality. With its 10-watt full-range speaker, it produces rich and clear audio, immersing you in your favorite music or podcasts. Additionally, it supports various audio sources, including Bluetooth, AUX, and TF card, providing seamless connectivity options.

3. Smart Functions: This smart speaker is equipped with built-in voice assistant support, allowing you to control your music and smart home devices with just your voice. It also features an alarm clock, sleep aid, and social media notifications, keeping you connected and organized throughout the day.

In conclusion, the Divoom Ditoo-Pro (White) is a multifunctional smart speaker that not only enhances your audio experience but also adds a touch of creativity to your space with its interactive pixel display. With its powerful sound quality and smart functions, it is a versatile and stylish addition to any home or office setup.

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