Divoom Ditoo-Pro Green

$209.00 $249.90

Divoom Ditoo Pro Green Vintage Pixel Art Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Our Divoom Ditoo Pro Green is more than just a portable Bluetooth speaker; it's a captivating blend of vintage aesthetics and modern functionality. With its charming green exterior, this speaker adds a touch of nostalgia to your space while delivering a host of versatile features.

Express your artistic flair with the DIY LED display board, allowing you to create pixel art designs, animations, and personalized alarm clock faces. Whether you're seeking a unique home decor piece or a thoughtful gift, the Divoom Ditoo Speaker offers endless creative possibilities.

Immersive Sound and Home Lighting

Enjoy high-quality audio playback from your favorite devices via Bluetooth connectivity. This Divoom Ditoo Pro not only fills your space with music but also doubles as a decorative light. Its soft, ambient lighting adds a cozy atmosphere to any room, making it a perfect addition to your home.

The Divoom Ditoo Pro Green Vintage Pixel Art Bluetooth Portable Speaker is an ideal choice for those who appreciate both aesthetics and functionality. Whether you're looking to elevate your audio experience, add a touch of vintage charm to your decor, or surprise someone with a thoughtful gift, this speaker is designed to impress. Order yours today and embrace the perfect fusion of art, technology, and retro style.

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