Divoom Ditoo-Pro (Black)


Divoom Ditoo-Pro (Black): Your Creative Companion

Our Divoom Ditoo-Pro Black is a versatile and stylish device that combines a smart speaker, digital pixel art canvas, and alarm clock in one. With its sleek black design, it seamlessly blends into any modern home or office setting.

Smart Speaker : Equipped with a powerful built-in speaker, the Divoom Ditoo-Pro delivers high-quality audio for an immersive listening experience. Connect your smartphone or other devices via Bluetooth to stream your favorite music, podcasts, or audiobooks.

Digital Pixel Art Canvas : Unleash your creativity with the Divoom Ditoo-Pro's digital pixel art canvas. Use the companion app to create your own original designs or choose from a wide range of pre-installed pixel art animations. The vibrant display and customizable LED lights allow you to bring your art to life.

Alarm Clock : Wake up to your favorite tunes or sounds with the Divoom Ditoo-Pro's alarm clock feature. Set multiple alarms and customize the alarm sound to suit your preferences. The device also displays the time and date, ensuring you stay on schedule.

Additional Features : Aside from its main functionalities, the Divoom Ditoo offers additional features such as a built-in FM radio, a voice memo recorder, and a social media notification display. Stay connected and entertained with this all-in-one device.

Battery Life : Stay immersed in the Divoom Ditoo-Pro (Black) experience for over 10 hours, enjoying its vibrant pixel display and versatile features without interruption, thanks to its impressive battery life.

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