Divoom Ditoo-Plus (Red)

$159.00 $199.90

Divoom Ditoo Plus Red Retro Pixel Art Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Indulge in the delightful fusion of aesthetics and innovation with the Divoom Ditoo Plus Red Retro Pixel Art Bluetooth Portable Speaker. This vibrant red speaker not only elevates your auditory experience but also serves as a visual masterpiece. It successfully marries the timeless charm of classic aesthetics with the convenience of modern technology, making it a standout addition to any space.

Customizable Pixel Art and Smart Alarm Clock

Unleash your inner artist with the DIY LED display board, allowing you to craft your pixel art designs and animations. The Divoom Ditoo Plus lets you transform your environment with personalized visuals that reflect your unique style. Furthermore, it doubles as a smart alarm clock, waking you up to your favorite pixel art creations, ensuring a cheerful start to your day. Whether you're riding the Cyberpunk trend or in search of the perfect cute gift for a girl who appreciates distinctive tech, this speaker effortlessly fits the bill.

Elevate your audio experience and aesthetic appeal with the Divoom Ditoo Plus Red. Order now and present a captivating blend of retro charm and cutting-edge technology that will not only elevate your audio experience but also add a touch of timeless allure to your surroundings.

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