Divoom Ditoo-Plus (Black)

$109.00 $149.90

Divoom Ditoo-Plus (Black): A Fusion of Style, Sound, and Smart Technology

Immerse yourself in the ultimate gaming ambiance with the Divoom Ditoo-Plus, a sleek and powerful black Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker designed to redefine your gaming room setup. Boasting a robust 15W output power and a 16x16 LED app-controlled front screen, this speaker is not just an audio device but a visual centerpiece that enhances your gaming environment.

1. Powerful 15W Output Power for Gaming Intensity

Experience gaming like never before with the Divoom Ditoo-Plus's impressive 15W output power. Feel the intensity of every explosion, the subtlety of in-game music, and the clarity of communication with your teammates. Elevate your gaming sessions to new heights with unparalleled audio performance.

2. Dynamic Pixel Art Display Controlled by Your Fingertips

The 16x16 LED app-controlled front screen of the Divoom Ditoo-Plus isn't just for show – it's a canvas for your creativity. Customize pixel art designs, animations, or even vital in-game information. Express your style and enhance the visual appeal of your gaming setup with this dynamic and interactive display.

3. Seamless Bluetooth Connectivity for Wireless Freedom

Enjoy the convenience of wireless audio with the Divoom Ditoo-Plus black. Its Bluetooth capability allows you to connect effortlessly to your gaming devices, eliminating the hassle of cables and providing you with the freedom to move around your gaming room without sacrificing audio quality.

4. Gaming Room Setup Redefined: Designed with the gaming enthusiast in mind, the Divoom Ditoo-Plus in black is more than a speaker; it's a statement piece for your gaming room. Its sleek design and customizable pixel art display add a touch of modern sophistication to your setup, creating an immersive environment for your gaming adventures.

Elevate your gaming experience with the Divoom Ditoo-Plus (Black) Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker – where audio performance meets visual brilliance. Transform your gaming room into a dynamic space that reflects your style and enhances every gaming moment. Command attention and enjoy an unparalleled gaming atmosphere with this exceptional speaker.

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